WILD WEST: History, Myth and the Making of America

WILD WEST: History, Myth and the Making of America

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It is 14th May 1804 and Captain Meriwether Lewis, personal secretary to President Thomas Jefferson, and William Clark, his companion, are leading 33 men on an expedition to new lands of Louisiana, purchased from Napoleon the year before. Their journey would take them 8,000 miles over two years - rafting up the Missouri river and traversing the Rocky Mountains - all to reach the other side of their world: the Pacific Ocean. This journey was followed by a multitude of emigrants answering the call of the West and Frederick Nolan's book tells this story in stunning detail. Encounter notorious historical figures such as 'Black Bart', who was an outlaw and poet, leaving verses behind at the scene of robberies near Fort Ross in 1877 and Quincy-Oroville in 1878, and 'Billy the Kid', who transformed from a drifting nobody to undisputed leader of the Tunstall-McSween faction, participating in a series of bloody shootouts including the assassination of Sheriff William Brady and one of his deputies. Study the many conflicts that raged across the West, from the Battle of Alamo where, on the 13th day of siege, the enemy band struck up the assassin's song, 'Deguello', to the Lincoln County War which was, in fact, a series of outbreaks of 'civil disturbances' that ran almost consecutively from the early 1870s to approximately 1883. The book includes monochrome images, ranging from a line drawn illustration of 'Billy the Kid' with his gun and a diagram of the Coffeyville Raid showing the course of the raid by the Dalton Gang on 5th October 1892, to photographs including a portrait of a lone US soldier surveying the aftermath of the massacre at 'Wounded Knee' in South Dakota and a snapshot of celebrations at Promontory, Utah where the locomotives of the Central Pacific and Union Pacific Railroads were moved forward until pilots touched and the vehicles were christened with bottles of wine and champagne. Paperback, illus, 240pp.
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