MAPPING THE OCEANS: Discovering the World Beneath Our Seas

MAPPING THE OCEANS: Discovering the World Beneath Our Seas

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Water covers 71% of the Earth's surface, yet we know more about the surface of the moon than we do of what lies beneath the waves. Here, award-winning science and environmental journalist and author Carolyn Fry joins forces with the archive and experts at the National Maritime Museum in Greenwich to examine the history of the exploration and mapping of the world's seas and oceans. The most up-to-date archaeological evidence suggests that the first long-distance voyages took place in south-east Asia, eventually reaching Australia some 65,000 years ago. While undoubtedly perilous in a bamboo raft these journeys would have been eased by the fact that sea levels were 85m lower than today, significantly reducing the distance between land masses. Changes in geography, meteorology and hydrography are fascinating recurrent themes that Fry juxtaposes with man's development of vessels, advances in navigation and cartography and understanding of the oceans' winds and currents as we progress through human's spread to every available piece of land bar Antarctica to the age of exploration, from the Chinese travelling to Africa and the European powers empire-building. Once the world's landmasses and oceans were positioned with some accuracy it was down to the naturalists and cartographers to fill in the details of coastal land and water. Chapter four is a compelling analysis of early attempts to survey the depths, predict tides, lay submarine cables and explain the vast diversity of marine life. The final two chapters bring oceanography up to date, with the great advances in echo-sounding, diving technology and satellite imaging driving forward our understanding of the oceans to ever-greater heights. It is sobering to realise that even now, less than 18% of the ocean floor has been properly mapped and there are immense gaps in our understanding of the marine ecosystem. With colour and b/w illus. on every page, 192pp, 9¼" x 11¼".
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