EASTERN PHILOSOPHY: Greatest Thinkers and Sages

EASTERN PHILOSOPHY: Greatest Thinkers and Sages

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From Buddhism and Islam, to Confucius and Gandhi, this eloquent guide leads the reader through the most influential schools of thought. The book is split into three parts: India, The Middle East: Zoroastrianism and Islam, and The Far East: China, Korea and Japan which explore concepts such as the six orthodox systems of Indian philosophy, some sayings attributed to Al-Hallaj, and Korean and Japanese philosophy. Study the life of Al-Farabi who explained Greek philosophy to an Islamic audience, specifically in his work The Harmonization of the Opinions of Plato and Aristotle and learn about the founder of Jainism, Vardhamana, who is thought to be the 24th Tirthankara or 'ford-builder' which evidences that the Jain religion is, in some form, at least 3,500 years old. Discover enlightenment through Japanese Pure Land Buddhism which was founded by Honen and admire the poetry of Sufi poet Jalal al-Din Rumi who is regarded as the greatest literary figure in the Islamic world, writing about concepts such as 'art as flirtation and surrender' and that souls are eternal, all seeking to evolve. The book includes explanations of philosophical concepts including the Three Gunas, the concept of three-fold reality in Indian philosophy, a Prayer of Rabi'ah, the first major mystic of Sufism and an Islamic saint who happened to be a woman, and the Rectification of Names which was first discussed by Confucius. Additionally, this companion features black and white images to illustrate aspects of the different philosophies, ranging from a photograph of Egyptian boys with wooden boards painted with the words of the Quran and a snapshot of Ching-Hai: the first entrance gate to the Temple of Confucius, to a piece of art depicting the departure of the Buddha. A fascinating, broad guide to Eastern philosophy. Paperback, illus, 320pp.
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