DICTIONARY OF MYTHOLOGY: An A-Z of Themes, Legends & Heroes

DICTIONARY OF MYTHOLOGY: An A-Z of Themes, Legends & Heroes

J. A. COLEMAN    Book Number: 88559    Product format: Hardback

Cross the seven seas of the world with Odysseus, revel in the palace of Frigga, Norse goddess of fertility, sky and wisdom, and climb Vindhya, the Hindu mountain which threatened to block out the sun in an effort to grow higher than Mount Meru. This is a Pandora's box of heroes, heroines, deities, mythical beats, imaginary characters, magical artifacts, mythological places and legendary figures, all researched over 25 years to showcase the creativity and imagination of our ancient belief systems. J. A. Coleman explores the myriad of extraordinary figures from myths and legends, including 'A' the Mayan deity of uncertain identity who was referred to as God A and Beowulf, the warrior-prince who vanquished Grendel and Grendel's mother, to Yalungur who was a creator-spirit of some of the Australian northern tribes, Aztec culture-hero, Xelhua, who was a giant who survived the Flood by climbing to the top of a mountain, and Zu, a Babylonian lion-headed storm bird from Mesopotamia. This companion also explores the geographical landmarks such as Evergreen Land, which was the site of the palace of the sea god in the Pacific Islands, Mount Rainer or 'Takobah', a sacred mountain of the Skagit tribe in North America which was supposedly only one of two mountains not submerged by the Flood, and Calpe, one of the Pillars of Hercules which is the present-day Rock of Gibraltar. Fans of J. R. R. Tolkein's The Lord of the Rings will recognise names such as Balin, Dvalin and Gandlfr, while those who have enjoyed the stories of Asterix the Gaul will discover information about the god Toutatis (Teutates) who the Gauls swear by. Black and white images are used to illustrate the extraordinary ideas of civilisations including a painting of 'The Beguiling of Merlin' by Edward Burne-Jones and a drawing of the Greek goddess of the moon, Selene in a flying chariot. Includes fact boxes on themes such as seven colours that represent the seven gifts of the Holy Spirit in Christianity and thought of as Juno's blessing in Roman culture, or the leopard which the Egyptians revered as the animal of Osiris. Celebrate the creativity of thought and storytelling passed down across the centuries. Illus, 376pp. Slipcased, gold block hardback.
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