KABBALAH: Tradition of Hidden Knowledge

KABBALAH: Tradition of Hidden Knowledge

Z'EV BEN SHIMON HALEVI    Book Number: 88444    Product format: Paperback

Kabbalah - the mystical aspect of Judaism. This school of thought formulates the personal teaching of the attributes of the Divine, the nature of the universe, and the destiny of man. Kabbalah centres around the 'Tree of Life' and The ethos of this tree, also known as the image of Divine Balance of which all existence is a reflection, is central in our everyday life. Z'ev Ben Shimon Halevia (also named Warren Kenton) teaches us the importance of the Menorah, a candlestick specified by God to Moses on Mountain Sinai which is made of one piece of pure gold to represent the unchanging and unified Divine World of Emanation. Discover that the story of 'Crossing the Red Sea' in the bible was not just the record of a miraculous event in a nation's history but the description of a spiritual initiation. Even the Temple of Jerusalem's architecture expresses the notion of Kabbalah's four worlds which compose existence: the lower three levels are the physical, psychological and spiritual planes of the universe and the temple building itself is the Divine. This companion includes clear diagrams explaining the different aspects of Kabbalah, from the Sefirot (or 'Divine Attributes') which was not published in full until the Middle Ages and the 'Tree of Holy Fruit' which can be arranged in different ways depending on the Kabbalistic school involved, to the hierarchy of angelic beings conformed to the order of the Worlds with the highest entities of the angelic World of Creation being holy spirits of the inner council under Metatron. There are colourful images to illustrate each piece of Kabbalah history including a stunning landscape of Asiyyah (the world of Action and Elements) which is the last of four levels and a physical world, a conceptual depiction of 'The Burning Bush' painting by Ernst Fuchs and a golden icon of Melchizedek, the King of Righteousness and of Salem, and priest of the Most High God who initiated Abraham into the knowledge of esoteric teaching. 8" x 11", paperback, 127 illustrations with 14 in colour, 96pp.
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