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Greek Mythology casts its spell on every new generation, and in this big, captivating book the Greek-born writer and journalist Arianna Huffington explores the secret of Ancient Greece's immortality. The Greek gods appeal to some of our deepest desires and instincts. They are alive as part of our inner pantheon, and we relive their stories in the present day. Artemis is a huntress, a dancer, a goddess of nature, psychologically a virgin, confined by no relationship. A longing for freedom is the essential Artemisian passion. Zeus is the all-seeing lord, but he has to face his own ordeals, overcoming the Titans who fight on behalf of the earth mother, and to do this he uses strategy, making key alliances which sometimes backfire. Athena, the goddess of wisdom, aligns herself with the masculine order, but into it she breathes Soul, mercy and wisdom. She is an inventor and artist, but above all she represents civilisation. The daughter of Zeus, she inherits his arts of persuasion. Hera is Zeus's wife and consort, desperately jealous of the other women in his life. Her failure is to project onto her husband her own unlived creativity. As long as she is dependent on him she betrays herself, and her fidelity becomes martyrdom. Demeter is defined by motherhood, always seeking for her lost daughter Persephone, or as Jung put it, seeking for the anima, the lost child within. Hermes is Huffington's favourite god, the swift-running messenger, always journeying, restless, the god of fluidity, motion, new beginnings. All the gods reveal themselves in friends and strangers, and our lives our immeasurably enriched when we see them for what they are. 14 Gods from Poseidon and Apollo to Dionysos, Zeus, Hades and Hermes. This gorgeous book is illustrated with original paintings by Francoise Gilot. US first edition, 1993. 10" x 11¼". 144pp, colour reproductions.
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