TRY THIS AT HOME: Adventures In Songwriting

TRY THIS AT HOME: Adventures In Songwriting

FRANK TURNER    Book Number: 88307    Product format: Paperback

"Life is about love, last minutes and lost evenings" is an evocative line from folk-punk singer-songwriter Frank Turner's song "I knew Prufrock before he got famous". Like Paul McCartney's "Yesterday" it was one of those songs that come to the writer almost fully-formed, feeling as if it had always been there. Turner has become a best-selling author with his entertaining and informative books, and in this fascinating musical journey he takes 36 songs and tells us why and how they were written. "Long Live the Queen" was inspired by hospital visits to his dying friend Alexa Burrowes, who and told Frank "You'll have to dance for the two of us". Learning to play other people's songs gives you an insight into structure, and Turner learnt the basics of the trade from Kurt Cobain, Nina Simone, Tom Petty and other greats. "Broken Piano" is an imaginary instrument inspired by a photo of a derelict piano abandoned in a house in Chernobyl. The song was written during a break-up with his girlfriend, when he was packing his bags and moving out, and the harmonies were inspired by the humming sound made by the microwave oven which heated up on an interval of a sixth, an unfinished, expectant sound which could be transformed by dropping other notes into it. "Make America Great Again" is a plea against racism arising from Turner's love for America: "Make compassion the fashion". 328pp, paperback, black and white photos.
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