BARBARIANS: Rebellion and Resistance to the Roman Empire

BARBARIANS: Rebellion and Resistance to the Roman Empire

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What made someone a barbarian in ancient Rome? Was it race, language, values, religion, the shape of your beard, food? Or was it a matter of self-identification? This fascinating book looks at the people and customs, from the mythical foundation of Rome by the Trojan Aeneas to the fall of Rome to the Vandals in the mid-5th century AD, which were considered non-Roman and either assimilated or driven out. The Trojan Aeneas himself was an outsider who won acceptance by killing the local chieftain, marrying his girlfriend and adopting their language. In the early days of the republic, the Plebs or common people were considered barbarians and achieved their political rights through a hard-fought struggle. The threat from Carthage, Rome's competitor for Mediterranean trade, was symbolised by the highly effective army of the barbarian Hannibal, which included elephants. The internal threat of slave revolt was ever-present, of which the most famous is that of the gladiator Spartacus in 73-72 BC which led to 6,000 crucifixions. During the years of Julius Caesar's rise to power he conquered Gaul and its leader Vercingetorix, publishing accounts of their druidical customs including human sacrifice by setting fire to wicker figures. Caesar's liaison with the Egyptian ruler Cleopatra VII was another attempt to bring a barbarian nation under control. He installed her as his mistress in Rome, but on his assassination she fled back to Egypt, poisoning her brother in order to rule alone and later hastening the downfall of the infatuated Mark Antony. Caesar's expeditions to Britain, a "triangular island", had opened it up to Roman ambitions, and Boudicca's revolt was brutally suppressed. At the other side of the empire the 2nd century Judaean rebel Bar Kokhba was viciously dealt with by Hadrian. 556pp, notes, bibliography, maps.
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