MAP TOUR: A History of Tourism Told Through Rare Maps

MAP TOUR: A History of Tourism Told Through Rare Maps

HUGH THOMSON    Book Number: 88278    Product format: Hardback

This highly engaging and gorgeously illustrated history of tourism is a fascinating read, giving glimpses of memorable characters and describing changes in travel and mapping from 1700. Venice was a magnet for wealthy Americans and Europeans doing the "Grand Tour", and although Mark Twain was not impressed by the gondoliers, referring to them as "caterwauling guttersnipes", he was carried away by the Grand Canal at night: "ponderous stone bridges threw their shadows athwart the glittering waves". The American writer Washington Irving always embellished his descriptions, and when he saw some red veins in the marble of the Alhambra in the 1820s, set about creating a lurid account of a massacre. Built in the 15th century by the Spanish rulers Ferdinand and Isabella to celebrate their conquests, the Alhambra fell into disrepair but was resurrected by the Romantics and became a reference point for pastiches of Islamic architecture. The eastern Tour included the Holy Land, and the author includes some magnificent 19th century depictions of the sweeping desert landscape of Palestine, together with Victorian maps. Thomas Stevens's book Around the World on a Bicycle inspired a number of young men to try the same thing. Accompanied everywhere by his trusty .38 Smith and Wesson, Stevens was refused permission to cross Afghanistan and had to get to India via Egypt and the Suez Canal. Arriving in China, he found the consul waiting with a welcome bottle of Bass. In the late 19th century Isabella Bird rode through Persia on a mule, noting the conditions of women as she went. George Everest was the Director of the Great Trigonometrical Survey that mapped India and made it accessible to tourists, but he never visited the mountain named after him. The Eiffel Tower, built in 1889 to celebrate the French Revolution, was meant to be a temporary structure but it was such a popular tourist attraction that they kept it. 224pp, archive facsimile, maps, photos, posters or colour illustrations on every page. 9¾" x 11½". First time discounted.
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