NODDY AND TESSIE BEAR: Classic Adventure Noddy

NODDY AND TESSIE BEAR: Classic Adventure Noddy

ENID BLYTON    Book Number: 88165    Product format: Hardback

It is a very windy day in Toy Land and Noddy and his friend Tessie Bear decide to fly a lovely big kite. As the wind picks up, the weather begins to behave very strangely, and has everyone in Toy Land looking to the sky in amazement and scratching their heads. Can Noddy and Tessie Bear solve the mystery that's puzzling everyone? Lovely nostalgic story with the hen house, the milk churn, the wicker basket, the farmer getting angry and the reward of five golden pounds to anyone giving information about the rain of milk and eggs. 44 pages, original text and colour illus. With dedication page.
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ISBN 9781444933581
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