BIBLE FOR GROWN-UPS: A New Look at the Good Book

BIBLE FOR GROWN-UPS: A New Look at the Good Book

SIMON LOVEDAY    Book Number: 88160    Product format: Paperback

Anthropologist and literary critic, Loveday teaches at UAE and Oxford and edited the psychological journal 'Typeface'. The book neither requires nor rejects belief. It sets out to help intelligent adults make sense of the Bible, a book too large to swallow whole, yet too important in our history and culture to spit out. Why do the creation stories in Genesis contradict each other? Did the Exodus really happen? Was King David a historical figure? Why is Matthew's account of the birth of Jesus so different from Luke's? Why was Saint Paul so rude about Saint Peter? There is a huge amount of careful, thoughtful and fascinating biblical research and scholarship from the past two centuries, and the book seeks to make that research more widely known in terms that the general reader can understand. The book is theologically neutral for adults, a thrilling read for Christians and everyone else, a book which will overturn everything you thought you knew about the Good Book. With biblical quotations, 285pp in paperback.
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