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The Narova River flows into the Baltic Sea at the Gulf of Finland and today forms the border between Russia and Estonia. However, back in the early 18th century it was at the centre of the Great Northern War (1700-21) between the Kingdom of Sweden, led by the young King Charles XII, and an alliance of northern powers led by Tsar Peter the Great of Russia. Two fortresses on either side of the river, Narva and Ivangorod, were besieged by the Russians in August 1700 which was relieved three months later in a daring assault by the Swedish forces led by the king himself. Then in 1704 the Russians once more laid siege the fortresses, this time culminating in a successful storming and victory after three months of skirmishes, bombardment and trench combat. Military campaigns in Baroque Europe tended to be much more fortress-orientated than hitherto and sieges were quite commonplace. Even so, Narva's two sieges are extraordinary as they provide examples of practically all the siege tactics employed in the period, and they are particularly well documented. Telling the story of the sieges is thus a unique opportunity to examine the nature of fortress warfare, the everyday life of both besieger and besieged, morale, military customs and the nature of the epic and resolute struggle between King Charles and Tsar Peter. Using journals, diaries, personal accounts and correspondence from Russian, Swedish and impartial sources, both published and archival, and phenomenally well illustrated with 140 b/w and 15 colour illus and maps which range from contemporary prints and engravings to artworks by modern artists, this is a superbly presented and exhaustively researched analysis of a famous site in military history. 253pp softback.
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