WILD BOOK: Outdoor Activities to Unleash Your Inner Child

WILD BOOK: Outdoor Activities to Unleash Your Inner Child

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"Let a little wildness in. You won't regret it" urges the author of these 58 outdoor activities guaranteed to "get your feet dirty, your hair messy and your eyes sparkling". Cloudspotting is not too strenuous and the author takes us through ten types, from the stormy Cumulonimbus to the rare 50-mile high Noctilucent. An outdoor wood-fired pizza oven is going to take patience, perseverance and planning, and you may decide that the local takeaway is less hassle. More immediately rewarding, though labour-intensive over a short period, is making your own kite and flying it. Water-balloon dodgeball is the ideal game for a hot day, as everyone is going to get soaked, but in Ultimate Frisbee, with goalposts at the ends of the playing area, tackling is out of bounds, so in theory it should be a relatively civilised sport. More sedentary pastimes include working out a hedgerow's age, Bird Watching and Pressing Wild Flowers. Also of a soothing nature is Walking Meditation, which means practising Mindfulness while on the move, cultivating heightened awareness of yourself and surroundings. An essential activity for parents is Building a Sandcastle, and the killer castle which will make you king of the beach is achieved with a mixture of one part sand to one part water. Creating crop circles is surely irresistible, but yodelling and dowsing are not for the fainthearted. 272pp, drawings.
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