X, Y & Z: The Real Story of How the Enigma Code was Broken

X, Y & Z: The Real Story of How the Enigma Code was Broken

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If you thought the author's name sounded familiar, that is because he is the nephew of Alan Turing; mathematician, father of the computer and a pretty useful wartime codebreaker to boot. In X, Y &Z he tells the full story of a pivotal event of WWII - the deciphering of the Enigma code used to encrypt German military communications. The success of the Bletchley Park establishment is still celebrated and ingrained in the public imagination as a triumph of British brains over brawn and its accolades are entirely deserved, but the breaking of Enigma was actually the result of a three-pronged attack by France, Britain and Poland - or X, Y, and Z as the codebreakers dubbed them. Bletchley Park was making little headway until the Polish codebreakers, who had been working on Enigma for nearly ten years, shared the priceless knowledge they had acquired working with and being protected by French cryptologists with Turing and his team. In the space of a year the communications of the Luftwaffe could be read and nine months later those of the Kriegsmarine (navy) too. The Heer (army) and Waffen SS proved a little trickier but by 1942 the trickle of intelligence decoded at Bletchley Park had become a flood from all branches of the Wehrmacht and the biggest problem then was ensuring the Nazis did not realise they were being listened to. In this respect this book is absolutely thrilling, especially with the story of the Polish Enigma experts who, while operating in Vichy France, were rumbled by the Funkabwehr (radio monitors) and were on the run from the Gestapo. MI6 hatched a plan to get them out of southern France via Spain, an absolute thriller in itself. Then there are the characters themselves, particularly Rex (and his many aliases) "the King of the Spies." Based on the author's meticulous research, privileged connections and access to a wealth of recently declassified/returned documents from wartime friends and foes, this is the truly exhilarating story of those who risked everything to protect the greatest secret of WWII. 320pp with maps and many b/w photos.
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