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'The Cold War, The Berlin Wall and the Most Dangerous Place On Earth' is the sub-title of this powerful, moving and highly acclaimed work, a gripping narrative with vivid interviews. It is a ground breaking history of Checkpoint Charlie, the legendary and most important military gate on the border of East and West Berlin where the US and her Allies confronted the USSR during the Cold War. As tensions between East and West rose, East Germany committed millions to the creation of the Berlin Wall in the early 1960s, an 11 foot high barrier that would evolve through the years to consist of 79 miles of fencing, 300 watch towers, 250 guard dog runs, 20 bunkers, and was operated around the clock by guards who shot to kill. Over the next 28 years at least 10,000 people attempted to smash through it, swim across it, tunnel under it, or fly over it, desperate to escape the repressive totalitarian East German regime for the freedom of the West. In November 1989, the East German leadership buckled in the face of a civil revolt that culminated in half a million East Berliners demanding an end to the ban on free movement. The world's media flocked to capture the moment which, perhaps more than any other, signalled the end of the Cold War. The wall was opened and then torn down, stone by stone and Checkpoint Charlie was the location of the greatest jubilation as crowds flowed across the border. The book highlights such important global figures such as JFK, Khrushchev, Reagan, Gorbachev and other leaders of the time. It includes never-before-heard interviews with men who built and dismantled the Wall, lovers who crossed it, relatives and friends who lost family trying to escape over it, German, British, French and Russian soldiers who guarded its checkpoints, CIA, MI6 and Stasi operatives who oversaw secret operations across its borders, politicians whose ambitions shaped it, journalists who recorded its story, and many more whose living memories contributed to this brilliant work of historical journalism and an invaluable record of this period. 2019 hardback, illustrated endpapers, 340pp.
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