ANNE BOLEYN: Adultery, Heresy, Desire

ANNE BOLEYN: Adultery, Heresy, Desire

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Anne Boleyn is one of the most enigmatic figures in English history, and even the people who knew her at the time were sharply divided. Did she really love Henry VIII or was she a ruthless opportunist? Was she a genuinely fervent Protestant or did she join the new religious movement in order to urge Henry to divorce his existing wife? Was Anne in competition with her sister Mary, who had been Henry's long-term mistress? This detailed book examines every aspect of Anne's controversial life. In her early teens Anne became a member of the French Queen Claude's court, spending her time in the cultured atmosphere of the chateaux of Blois and Amboise, where she almost certainly encountered Leonardo da Vinci. She may have been a translator when Henry visited the French Queen in 1520, and it is possible that by then her sister Mary was already Henry's mistress. When Anne was recalled to England the Boleyns were high in Henry's favour and a marriage was proposed for Anne that would resolve a family dispute, but she daringly engaged herself to the dashing Henry Percy before the couple were separated by Cardinal Wolsey, provoking Anne's implacable enmity. Several courtiers who admired Anne at this period were eventually executed with her. The King was already looking for someone who would give him an heir and he started to court Anne in 1526. In 1527 Wolsey initiated proceedings to investigate the validity of the marriage with Catherine, but the Pope would not co-operate. Anne's refusal to become Henry's mistress lasted until 1532, by which time Cranmer, now the archbishop of Canterbury, had agreed to annul Henry's marriage to Catherine. But cracks in the marriage with Anne opened up quickly and it was easy for her numerous enemies to bring her down. 479pp, paperback, colour photos.
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