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Tim Ekaterin's merchant bank, like all banks, only invests in sure things. Now he is about to involve it in five million pounds of prime horseflesh - to fund a champion racing stallion stud called Sandcastle. Top breeders reckon it's the safest bet in racing, but racing doesn't just attract the money men of the City. It's riddled with all kinds of dubious dealmakers, people who don't think twice about breaking bones - people to whom no bet is safe until it's paid in blood. When the resulting foals have birth defects, Tim is worried and decides that there may be something else going on at the stables. His suspicions are confirmed when one of those helping with the horses is murdered. Determined to get to the bottom of why anyone would do this, Tim puts himself in danger's path. 422pp in Penguin paperback.
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ISBN 9781405946780
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