YOUNG SOUL REBELS: A Personal History of Northern Soul

YOUNG SOUL REBELS: A Personal History of Northern Soul

STUART COSGROVE    Book Number: 87962    Product format: Paperback

A rollercoaster journey into the heart of a secret society and the iconic clubs The Twisted Wheel, The Torch, Wigan Casino and the Blackpool Mecca, the infamous Bootleggers, and the DJs and crate-digging collectors who travelled to America to unearth rare music sounds. The book sweeps across 50 years of social and cultural history, taking in the rise of amphetamine culture, the brutal policing of the youth scene, the North-South divide, the rise of Thatcherism, and the miners' strike, and ends with a picture of Northern Soul today. Stuart Cosgrove has been a well-known collector on the scene for decades and he is a charming and illuminating writer, unafraid to delve deep into detail; he is witty and hard-hitting in equal measure and does not stint on his bold reminiscences. Bypassing London was to become a proud feature of the Northern Soul scene and for years as they discovered records across the Atlantic and labels like the Chicago harmony soul band on the One-derful! We meet Peter Stringfellow, the new R&B bands like The Yardbirds and Manfred Man, The Who and The Drifters, Ike and Tina Turner and Edwin Starr, Stevie Wonder and The Small Faces and the club dancers. Well illustrated 312 page paperback.
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