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A soldier on the Russian Front marries a photograph of a woman he has never met. Hundreds of miles away in Berlin, that woman marries a photograph of the soldier. It is a contract of business rather than love, and when Peter and Katharina finally meet, passion blossoms as they begin to imagine a life together under the bright promise of Nazi Germany. But as the tide of war turns, and Allied enemies come ever closer, the couple find themselves facing the terrible consequences of being ordinary people stained with their small share of an extraordinary guilt. The novel recounts Peter Faber's ordeals in Kharkov and Stalingrad where bank clerk Katharina Spinell is attracted by the prospect of Peter's war pension if he dies. Katharina joins her callous parents in occupying a luxurious flat from which a Jewish family has been driven. On his 'honeymoon', Faber takes part without question in the nocturnal eviction of Jews, organised by the sinister fixer Dr Reinhart, and he persists in believing a fellow soldier is a communist of doubtful loyalty because he is Russian. The reader knows the couple will be punished more than they deserve, because Berlin is destined to be looted by drunken Russians who will perpetrate mass rape out of revenge. A gripping, bleak, beautifully written award winning novel, 'A violent, elegant, unsentimental journey through hell and halfway back.' 294pp, paperback and apologies if stickered.
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ISBN 9781782391050
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