EXOCET: The Explosive Falklands War Thriller

EXOCET: The Explosive Falklands War Thriller

JACK HIGGINS    Book Number: 87919    Product format: Paperback

On one side, the largest and most effective seagoing Task Force ever assembled. On the other, an air force ready to die as they attack again and again despite the odds. A single deadly mission means the difference between winning and losing the war. One man can get General Galtieri the Exocet missiles he needs to turn the tide, but he is a man haunted by love, and for that, British Intelligence have a secret weapon on their own. That weapon at their disposal is the blonde ex-wife of an SAS officer. Based on real events, the sale and transfer of these missiles to Argentina, the heroes and the dangers and arduous tasks are fictionalised by the master storyteller. 301pp in paperback.
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ISBN 9780007304677
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