WALLS: A History of Civilization in Blood and Brick

WALLS: A History of Civilization in Blood and Brick

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They say walls have ears, and if only they had mouths, what history they could tell! The author's interest in the Barbarians finally opened his eyes to the importance of walls. The Barbarians were in the main inhabitants of every North African and Eurasian wasteland. Civilised folk had erected barriers to exclude others in an astonishing array of countries - Iraq, Syria, Egypt, Iran, Greece, Turkey, Bulgaria, Romania, Ukraine, Russia, Britain, Algeria, Libya, Azerbaijan, Afghanistan, Peru, China and Korea to give only a partial list. Yet somehow this fact had entirely escaped the notice of historians and not a single textbook observed the universal correlation between civilisation and walls. Now here it is, a tale of much more than bricks and stone. It is nothing short than the story of civilisation. Great walls have appeared on nearly every continent, accompanied the rise of cities, nations and empires. David Frye draws on ancient sources and archaeological digs spanning millennia and traversing the globe to uncover the true story of walls and asks if we can live without them. Hadrian's Wall, the Roman and Byzantine Empires AD400-1600, the cycles of walls and despots China AD280-1600, Constantinople AD1453, Ireland, Scotland and the Russian Empire 1494-1800, South, Central and North America prehistory to AD1800 and a clash of symbols looking at China, France, Berlin 1961-89 and finally a look at Earth, 1990-present, including Trump's announcement that he would build a 'big, beautiful wall' on the US border with Mexico. 292pp.
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