ANIMAL ASANAS: Yoga For Children

ANIMAL ASANAS: Yoga For Children

LEILA KADRI OOSTENDORP    Book Number: 87865    Product format: Hardback

All in splendid colour, a Prestel Art publication exploring 14 yoga poses modified for children or the elderly explaining the physical and mental benefits of each pose whether the student is arching back like a cat, swimming like a fish, or being as patient as a tortoise. Namasté - the divine in me greets the divine in you. With practice, yoga asanas (body positions) become easier over time and this book will show you 14 exercises that will help you feel safe and secure in each position. Follow your breath, feel more balanced and more at ease with yourself. Asanas can benefit active and tired children, energise or relax, and these techniques will open up relaxation for upper and lower thighs, feet, ankles and wrists are strengthened and hips become more flexible. There are tips for parents with lively kids and tips for resting like the Child's pose where you sit on your heels and lower your upper body towards the floor. The artwork in this book is simply beautiful, stylised Indian designs for the crocodile, fish, locust, rabbit, the roaring lion, the tortoise, the back bending camel, the knee-opening butterfly, the cobra, the dog, the cat and cow, the dove, the frog and of course Vrikshasana the tree or Mountain pose. For each there are careful and simple instructions, little stick men line art, brightly coloured pages with Indian decorative borders, the Sanskrit spelling and English names, benefits, and very clear step-by-step instructions. Best of all is the colourful pull-out poster, an artwork in itself and a handy guide and memory jogger. There is also plenty of room for kids to be as silly and as expressive as they want to be. 64 large pages, colour.
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