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Sub-titled 'Celebrating Three Centuries of People and Pianos', the book was published to accompany a special exhibition 20 years ago at the National Museum of American History in the Smithsonian's International Gallery in Washington DC. Celebrating the tricentennial of the piano's invention in Florence by Bartolomeo Cristofori, this remarkable exhibition was seen by more than 330,000 visitors during a 20-month run. Part exhibition catalogue and part technical and social history of the piano, this special book presents the exhibition's highlights - the innovative craftsmen, manufacturers, entrepreneurs, teachers, performers, and composers who helped make the piano the most popular musical instrument of modern times. The volume presents rare composers' manuscripts and first editions, tracing the wealth and diversity of music inspired by the piano but best of all are the handsome decorative works of art themselves, showcased with more than 250 colour photos. Here are the amateur players, public performers, romantic superstars, piano girls, Americans taking the lead, music trades, the African-American legacy, Tin Pan Alley, the Asian experience and electrifying moments and instruments like the early Yamahas, luxury items costing as much as a house in Japan. Large softback, 80pp.
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