SAME SEX LOVE 1700-1957

SAME SEX LOVE 1700-1957

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This is the very first history and research guide aimed specifically at the family history market to discover who loved whom of their own gender in your family. Queen Anne who loved for years Sarah, Duchess of Marlborough, Ivor Novello the hugely popular entertainer who kept his homosexual relationships secretive, Anne Lister recently depicted on television, here is a superb history beginning with the mollies, catamites, sapphists and tribades of the 18th century. Changing attitudes towards male and female same-sex relationships began with the Molly Houses before we look at passions between women, female husbands and Sapphic marriages and the famous Ladies of Llangollen. Read about the Vere Street scandal, increasing regulation of society, romantic friendships between Victorian women which was quite normal, the three female husbands of Manchester, men passing as women like Fanny and Stella, the medicalisation of same-sex desires, culture, art and politics, Edward Carpenter and the Campaign for Acceptance and understanding, the Masked Ball of 1880 in Manchester, (brilliantly depicted in a series of newspaper cartoons of the time), the Cleveland Street scandal, the Oscar Wilde trials and his legacy, before we turn to the 20th century and the beginnings of a homosexual social network and the witch hunt of homosexual men. Was it possible for your ancestors to choose a partner without hindrance, ridicule or attack? Would they be breaking the law in doing so, and how would family and society react if they found out at the time? 160pp in large softback, eight pages of illus.
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