THE KINKS: Fifty Years on the Road

THE KINKS: Fifty Years on the Road

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Ray Davies of The Kinks was the chief songwriter in the band, and the core of the group along with his younger brother Dave. The pair were at each others' throats for a good chunk of The Kinks's career - a creative tension that was the key to the band's soul. It would spill out into fights between band members, but the classic Kinks line up saw the song writing of Ray Davies excel and the powerful and innovative rhythm section of bass player Peter Quaife and drummer Mick Avory weaving in seamlessly with Dave's fantastic guitar playing. With brilliant lyrics and music that defined Englishness, they debuted with 'You Really Got Me', a sound of cranked excitement. Arguably, they invented the cranked heavy metal riff years before anyone else got there and throughout the 60s, charts were peppered with their idiosyncratic, witty songs. 'All of the Day and All of the Night', 'Bald Headed Woman', 'Stop Your Sobbing', 'Waterloo Sunset' and guiding us from Abbey Road to Pimlico 'Life on the Road'. All the album songs are listed with a brief description in this unashamed picture book with history and background, dotted with colour and black and white photographs from throughout the band's long career and all-time-high record sales and rock 'n' roll lifestyle. There will never be another band quite like them, from their Muswell Hill North London days to continuing success. For all Dedicated Followers of Fashion, or for Lola! 104pp, 9" x 11".
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