NEIN! Standing Up to Hitler 1935-1944

NEIN! Standing Up to Hitler 1935-1944

PADDY ASHDOWN & S. YOUNG    Book Number: 87759    Product format: Hardback

Told for the very first time is the story of those at the very top of Hitler's Germany who tried to prevent the Second World War and then to deny Hitler victory. Based on newly released files, the repeated attempts of the plotters to warn the Allies about Hitler's plans are revealed. At the heart of Paddy Ashdown's narrative lie the actions of the Abwehr Head Admiral Wilhelm Canaris to frustrate Hitler's policies once the war had started; the plots to kill Hitler; and the systematic passage of key German military secrets to London, Washington and Moscow through MI6, the OSS (forerunner to the CIA) and the 'Lucy Ring' Russian spy network based in Switzerland. From 1943 onwards, concerted efforts were made to strike a separate peace with the West to shorten the war and prevent Eastern Europe falling under the Soviet yoke. What is revealed is that the anti-Hitler bomb plots, which have received so much attention, are in fact only a small part of a much wider story of conspiracy, assassination and espionage. It is a matter of record that the European Union we have today, and the nature and central position of Germany within it, is in very large measure the future envisaged by the plotters, and for which they gave their lives. Maps include Berlin's Administrative District, Germany 1944, main Dramatis Personae including Carl Goerdeler and Ludwig Beck, chapters on Belgrade and Barbarossa, spies, misjudgement, disruption and desperation. 372pp, 16 pages of photos.
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