UNHOLY UNION: When Rugby Collided with the Modern World

UNHOLY UNION: When Rugby Collided with the Modern World

MIKE AYLWIN    Book Number: 87695    Product format: Hardback

The Guardian sportswriter has teamed up with the Director of Rugby at Saracens and Chief Executive of Harlequins to ask if rugby is on the brink of expansion, or is the game on the brink of implosion? No game has undergone so traumatic a transformation since the turn of the last century. The last of the major sports to embrace professionalism, rugby was propelled on a trajectory that has twisted its cumbersome frame to the limit in a drama compelling and appalling to behold. Rugby now attains heights hitherto undreamed of even as the strains - financial, political, social and medical - threaten to tear it apart. This fascinating and in-depth analysis of the sport examines the journey so far and speculates on where it will go next. It is irreverent and provocative, asking uncomfortable questions of rugby, but imbued throughout with affection for the game, a snapshot of rugby in the 21st century. Chapters include The Naturals: South Pacific and Asia, A French Centre of Gravity, The Clubs of England, the Celtic Fringe, Kids and Drugs, Of Scrums and Australians and New Sport, Old School. 328pp.
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