TERMS & CONDITIONS: Life in Girls' Boarding Schools 1939-79

TERMS & CONDITIONS: Life in Girls' Boarding Schools 1939-79

YSENDA MAXTONE GRAHAM    Book Number: 87690    Product format: Paperback

Old girls will remember the smell of cauliflower cheese, know their Matins Colects by heart, associate Friday with the smell of fish, been proud that they once made a whole long-sleeved silk blouse, still use the adjective 'super' decades after it has gone out of fashion, can do 'the devil's fork' in cat's cradle, still slightly dread a hair wash, remember walking in a crocodile to church on Sunday mornings, your dormitory winning the Tidiness Cup, loving or hating endless afternoons on the lacrosse pitch and perhaps pronouncing it 'la-crawsse'. Do you have sharp memories to do with knickers, worn over knicker linings, the elastic 'going' and that knickers only went to the school laundry once a week, and bloomers only once a fortnight? These are the memories that stay with a person and just the kind of details captured in the author's year travelling around the country interviewing Old Girls to create a patchwork of 20th century boarding school life in words. Jane Longrigg born 1929 ran away from Mrs Fyfe's when she was 14. "Bubble Carew-Pole said to me, 'Do let's run away. I've got a hired Daimler coming. With a chauffeur.'" The girls went off to see a film in Royston but after dark their was nothing much to do so they decided to head back to the boarding school. No one had noticed they were missing. The gymslip-wearing schoolgirls were fascinated with the Angela Brazil novels and books about cruel English orphanages and thin, lumpy porridge such as in Noel Streatfeild's Thursday's Child. Then there are the happier school stories like Enid Blyton's Malory Towers. Here is the truth about Roedean, Benendon, Wycombe Abbey and many others, the cruel and sadistic teachers, the pashes on other girls, gossip, giggles, awful food, home sickness and friendships made for life. 291pp in paperback.
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