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Sub-titled 'British Intelligence, the Russians and the Jazz Age'. The roaring, hedonistic twenties were not only a time of flappers and illicit alcohol-filled evenings, but also a time of suspicion and espionage. This book draws from previously unseen material to uncover the mysteries behind the first Soviet spies, the British secret service and the deception among double agents. British aristocrats, Bloomsbury artists, ordinary workers and even members of parliament were under the microscope. Observe the creation of the Secret Service Committee which was organised just ten weeks after the Armistice as per the order of the new British cabinet in 1919, and discover that there was a network of suspected secret agents who worked for or were connected with the Daily Herald newspaper. The book also introduces formidable characters such as Jacob Kirchenstein, or Johnnie Walker, who was a Latvian spy who successfully evaded the British state on arrival in the country, and Clare Sheridan, a sculptor, author, pioneering working mother and socialite who acquired a large MI5 file in the early 1920s having been an early British visitor to Soviet Russia, a public sympathiser with the Soviet cause, and a cousin of the senior cabinet minister Winston Churchill. Espionage movements are uncovered, including the Miners' Federation of Great Britain which accepted cash from Soviet trade unionists providing proof to the British government that the Soviet state was interfering, and important events are explained in detail such as the army of 200 British police officers along with British spies and senior civil servants who raided the ARCOS (All Russian Co-Operative Society) offices on 12 May 1927. What truly brings the account of this era to life is a collection of black and white photographs from the MI5 archive. They feature an MI5 identification document from the early-1920s depicting Andrew Rothstein who accrued tens of thousands of pages of information in British Intelligence, headlines in the Worker's Weekly, a Communist newspaper, and a 'Dramatis Personae' from the Secret Service Committee presenting codenames of some of the key players in the ARCOS raid, with the caption below revealing 'Y' for the first time, to be Edward Langston. Enter a world of spies and duplicity. B/w images, 384pp.
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