RUSSIA'S LAST GASP: The Eastern Front 1916-17

RUSSIA'S LAST GASP: The Eastern Front 1916-17

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For British troops it was the year of the Somme, but for Russia 1916 was the year of Brusilov's big push against Germany, to be followed by a cataclysmic revolution at home. This fascinating book shows the familiar story from a completely different perspective. While there was general agreement in German circles that the war would be won or lost in the west, there were huge differences in strategic thinking. Hindenburg and Ludendorff had won notable victories over Russia with the eighth army, and wanted to dismiss both the German chief of staff Falkenhayn and also Conrad, chief of general staff of Germany's main Austro-Hungarian ally, who refused ever to retreat and had squandered hundreds of thousands of lives. In 1915 the Russian army was involved in a war of attrition against Hungary in the Carpathian mountains. Both sides realised that the war would be won by exhausting the resources of the enemy, with the railways a key element in troop movements. Lack of co-ordination between Falkenhayn and Conrad gave the Russians their chance, and in 1916 they were ready to mount a powerful offensive. In June, Brusilov's forces on the south-west front started the offensive with heavy fire, with big guns and howitzers creating gaps in the enemy's front line. In the first two days 77 guns were captured and almost 50,000 prisoners taken. As the Russians fought to make the maximum use of their breakthrough, the Germans regrouped for a counteroffensive. The fighting continued into the autumn as the Russians sought to consolidate their position by capturing Stanislau and Kovel, hampered by the inadequate roads in the Pripet region. The author describes the offensive in full detail from both Russian and German perspectives. Meanwhile 1916 saw growing food shortages in Germany and Hungary and the creation of Poland did little to bring in new army recruits, but Russia too had problems at home. 472pp, paperback, photos.
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