BRAZIL: The Fortunes of War

BRAZIL: The Fortunes of War

NEILL LOCHERY    Book Number: 87560    Product format: Hardback

War! What is it good for? Well, for Brazil, generating enormous wealth and fundamentally transforming its economy and infrastructure. In this fast-paced of analysis of war and diplomatic intrigue Neil Lochery reveals a rarely studied aspect of WWII which still has huge implications today. When war erupted in 1939 Brazil and its then capital Rio de Janeiro seemed a world away and many flocked there to escape the hostilities. However this bucolic scene of palm trees and beaches masked a much more complex reality that the country's leaders were busily exploiting. The author reveals the secret history of cunning statecraft and economic opportunism that transformed Brazil into a regional superpower in a matter of a few years. Its natural resources and proximity to the US made Brazil strategically vital to both sides, a fact keenly appreciated by the country's dictator, Getulio Dornelles Vargas. He and his advisors skilfully played Allies versus Axis to the country's immense benefit, though when eventually forced to choose sides in August 1942 he declared for the Allies. An expeditionary force of 25,300 US-trained men was despatched to Italy at around the same time as the Normandy Landings in June 1944 and was to take part in several key battles during the taking of Italy. The Brazilians earned the respect of their US commanders, but Vargas then made a costly error, recalling them in July 1945 against US wishes, thus effectively cutting the country off from the political and economic rewards that the US had lined up for their allies. Although the country had been transformed, it was not quite "job done", but Vargas had made his mark, making Brazil a modern nation. A brilliantly crafted analysis of an aspect of the war rarely touched upon. 360pp with b/w photos.
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