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"The children of the rich never expect anything terrible to happen to them. Armoured with this self-confidence, the young anthropologist - who belonged to one of the oldest, wealthiest and most powerful families in America - wasn't nearly so frightened as he should have been when the boat overturned... For the howling rage and violence of the storm seemed to possess a malicious determination to prise his fingers loose from the slippery hull..." They had everything. Now they had nothing but the will to survive. When a group of mining executives bring their wives to the South Pacific paradise of Paui, a holiday is not on their mind. Having found rare minerals on the island, they are determined to strike a swift deal for mining rights. While their husbands visit a copper mine, the women explore the beautiful coast by luxury yacht. On the return trip, the yacht breaks down and they are forced to finish the journey on foot. Their pleasure trip soon becomes a nightmare as the panic-stricken women are forced to enter the jungle and civilisation turns quickly to savagery. First published in 1987 and here in Pan Macmillan paperback reprint celebrating 70 years of timeless stories. 691pp in paperback.
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ISBN 9781509860265
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