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Today described as an 'acerbic feminist satire', this word perfect, sharply observed and blackly comedic novel is written by the bestselling author of The Life and Loves of a She-Devil and countless others. It concerns Marjorie, Grace and Chloe who first met as children in a small Essex village during the Second World War and despite constant bickering and emotional turmoil stay close over the years. Grace is the child of a self-sacrificing mother and a bad-tempered drunken father who launches on a career as a femme fatale that includes many lovers, a messy divorce, four children and countless lawsuits. Marjorie, dumped as a child with Grace's family as an evacuee, grows up high achieving and tormented, desperate to please her cold and seductive mother Helen. Marjorie has a highflying career at the BBC, but is arid and dry in every other sense and in her emotional life. Chloe is the daughter of a widowed barmaid mother who grows up in poverty watching her father being exploited by her appalling employers. Via half a sociology degree at Bristol she falls into the arms of a successful scriptwriter Oliver but domestic bliss is not what Chloe imagined. She ends up with the country house, a brood of children but along the way loses Oliver's love. She puts up with his affair with their au pair Françoise and is bullied into a ménàge a trois. Throughout the novel stalks the menacing figure of a bohemian painter Patrick Bateson who gets involved with all three friends. Bitter, brutal and vicious, this is a seductively witty tale from Fay Weldon. 306pp in paperback.
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ISBN 9781784080761
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