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There is nothing like visiting a cemetery to give you a little perspective, appealing as they do to art lovers, sociologists, birdwatchers, gardeners, historians and anyone who just wants to stop and smell the roses. This hauntingly beautiful guide to the world's most interesting and unusual cemeteries is curated by Loren Rhoads, who knows the lure of ornate tombstones and crypts, of discovering notable eternal residents, and a graveyard's vivid history. Her photo-filled big artistic guide is organised by continent. It includes Paris's Père Lachaise, where millions of visitors each year flock to see Jim Morrison's grave, the Disney-like fantasy structure atop a hill of Green-Wood Cemetery in New York opened in 1838, Japan's wooded Okunoin Cemetery lit by 10,000 lanterns, hand-carved brightly painted grave markers in blues and yellows in the Merry Cemetery Romania, Moscow's Cemetery which is like a sculpture-illustrated who's who of Russian culture from Chekhov to Yeltsin, ancient Greek ruins in Athens, the ornately carved grieving angel in Genoa, tombs and mausoleums, catacombs of Emperor Constantine holding St Sebastian's bones, the 160ft tall tower built in memory of Daniel O'Donnell at Dublin's Glasnevin Cemetery, Westminster Abbey holding the most significant collection of monumental sculpture in the UK, to the quaint inspiration for Thomas Gray's 'Elegy Written in a Country Churchyard', the final resting place for the poet himself in Stoke Poges. In Canada graves of more than 100 of the Titanic's victims are marked by black granite headstones paid for by the White Star Line, there are very unusual Native American effigy mounds, the granite-capped gazebo in memory of guitarist Jimi Hendrix in Washington, the Grand Canyon Pioneer Cemetery to the Kentucky Horse Park the final resting places of 52 horses. For each there is the full address and website, colour photograph and history. 228 pages, 19 x 26.7cm.
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Brilliantly interesting
from James Austin REID on 09/10/2020
I have so enjoyed this book, probably one of a kind, full of history and looking forward to visiting a few of the cemeteries, most of which wereunknown to me.