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Sub-titled 'The French Resistance Heroine Who Defied the Gestapo'. In 1943 during the Nazi occupation of France, a young woman called Lucie Aubrac engineered the audacious escape of her husband from a Gestapo prison. When he was arrested again, Lucie mounted a second astonishing rescue, ambushing the prison van that was transporting him. Such daring and ingenuity was typical from a woman whose story, along with that of her husband Raymond, would be hailed as one of the most compelling and dramatic of the French Resistance. But their heroic reputation was challenged when Klaus Barbie, former head of the Gestapo, made the bombshell claim that they had become informers in 1943, betraying their comrades. This was furiously denied, but it revealed inconsistencies in their story and raised doubts that have never quite gone away. Who was the real Lucie Aubrac and was she truly a heroine or a woman who couldn't resist casting herself as one? What did she really do in 1943? Spirited out of France with her husband by the RAF, she arrived in London a heroine but was she truly the spirit of la vraie France? A calm, judicious and gripping account, fascinating in revealing how De Gaulle sidelined many of the key figures in the Resistance in the immediate post-War period. 256pp in large paperback, photos and posters, colour.
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