ANTISEMITISM: The Oldest Hatred

ANTISEMITISM: The Oldest Hatred

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Ranging from the writings of Charlie Chaplin, Albert Einstein, Jean-Paul Sartre to George Washington, Jesse Jackson, Nelson Mandela, Barack Obama, Emile Zola and on Zionism Anwar Sadat and others, the book is written by a Labour MP who is the Chair of the Inter-Parliamentary Coalition for Combatting Antisemitism. At a time when it rears its ugly head, John Mann has performed an indispensable service in assembling a comprehensive collection on the nature and characteristics of this collective pathology. He has compiled a fascinating and eclectic cast of historic figures who have addressed prejudice against the Jews, in various times and places. It gives anyone who regards themselves as 'open minded' plenty to think about concerning the current attacks on Israel and the persistent targeting of Jews in Europe and the UK. The history of Jewish persecution is as old as the written word, although the term 'Antisemitism' was only conceived in the late 19th century as it reached the beginning of its most horrifying chapter. Throughout Christian history the hatred and prejudice towards the Jewish people have often been blamed on the betrayal and crucifixion of Christ, but ethnic Jewish oppression began long before. It is beyond dispute that Antisemitism in our society is on the increase. Following the Israeli bombing of Gaza, Antisemitic feeling has grown significantly - Jewish graves are desecrated, and synagogues daubed with swastikas. The Charlie Hebdo attacks in Paris in early 2015 only confirms this deeply worrying trend. 246pp in illustrated softback.
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