DEAD WAS EVERYTHING: Studies in the Anglo-Zulu War

DEAD WAS EVERYTHING: Studies in the Anglo-Zulu War

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A Zulu boy's recollections: "We went to see the dead people at Isandhlwana. We saw a single warrior dead, staring in our direction, with his war shield in his hand. We ran away. We came back again. We saw countless things dead. Dead was the horse, dead too, the mule, dead was the dog, dead was the monkey, dead were the wagons, dead were the tents, dead were the boxes, dead was everything, even to the very metals." The Anglo-Zulu war of 1879 still intrigues both scholar and casual reader because its story contains tragedy, high drama and the heavy loss of human life, not to mention the snuffing out of the direct Napoleonic line of France. All this within the space of less than one year although the actual conflict lasted less than six months. King Cetshwayo kaMpande was captured in the Ngome Forest on 28th August following which he was sent into exile in Cape Town. There was sporadic fighting in the north west of Zululand after 4th July, but the conclusion of the war was signalled on 1st September 1879 when Sir Garnet Wolseley held an Indaba for the Zulu signing of the instrument creating the 13 'kinglets' into which the country was to be divided. Rorke's Drift, Nyezane, Ntombe Drift, Gingindlovu, and even Ulundi are mentioned in passing because what intrigues this author are the characters of the men of both sides, how they live, loved, fought and died. White or black, British or colonial, they are all brought to life and their unique stories told in this important contribution to this famous war. Had Colonel Durnford, Lieutenant-Colonel Pullein, or even Lieutenant and Adjutant Melvill survived, then the story of the events of that dreadful day at Isandlwana would now be easier to tell. New evidence and a re-examination of the old have thrown additional light on some of the problems of this battle and for example the character of Lord Chelmsford who had a ruthless streak in him. 292 well illustrated pages, 28 plates, ten maps.
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