DANGEROUS FRONTIERS: Campaigning in Somaliland and Oman

DANGEROUS FRONTIERS: Campaigning in Somaliland and Oman

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In 1948 Somaliland, in Northeast Africa, was then a British Protectorate where the author enjoyed National Service as a subaltern in the Royal Fusiliers. Part one of his book describes the life of a young officer in the Somaliland Scouts at the time of tribal quarrels, generally over water, which were taking place in the Ogaden, that troubled strip of country between the Protectorate and Ethiopia. It was the Scouts' difficult task to keep the warring clansmen apart. His account gives a rare and vivid account of a 19 year old in command of Somali troops between 1948 and 1950 in Awareh, and Danot. The second and longer part of the book deals with the author's service with Muslims a quarter of a century later. This time it is in Dhofar, the Southern Province of Oman, where he was commanding the Norther Frontier Regiment in the Sultan's Armed Forces in a limited but fierce war against Communist insurgents. With great modesty he describes how the tide was turned against a brave and ruthless enemy fighting on their home ground among the savage Wadis and cliffs of the Jebel. Chapters include Operation Simba and a Trip to Tarqa, The Fight At Habarut and The Battle for Marbat, Enter the Iranians, Life on the Hornbeam Line, Operations Pagoda and Thimble and an English translation of the speech broadcast over Radio Oman of His Majesty Sultan Qaboos bin Said on 28th May 1972. The affection and respect between the handful of British officers and their Muslim soldiers stands out in both campaigns in this fascinating memoir written with humour and a clear understanding of other cultures. 214pp in large well illustrated softback with four maps.
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