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High quality Press Association images, just the first three photos in the first three pages are of a penny-farthing race at Herne Hill 1932, King George VI and Queen Elizabeth riding in a gold state coach 1937 and troops leaving for France, October 1939. The hundreds of images in this collection yield a unique insight into Britain's recent past. The years between January 1930 and December 1939 saw the country at its most unstable when exports halved and unemployment soared to over 20% and the Depression took hold. Three million Britons emigrated, there were mass protests such as the Jarrow Hunger March, the British Union of Fascists emerged and even the monarchy faltered when Edward VIII abdicated at the end of 1936. Here are the fashions like Oxford bags, women in beach pyjamas and the couture of Norman Hartnell. See women in machines like Amy Johnson flying and Kay Petre racing her Bugatti, thousands of Arsenal fans, HRH Queen Mary, the Epsom Derby, brand new traffic lights, airships, horse drawn farming vehicles, the Jack Hylton Band to military men, strong men, chorus girls and boxers, footballers and schoolboys and a sandbag milk bar during an air raid, all captured in these poignant photographs. 300 pages, one photo per page with short captions. Paperback.
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