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Adapted and directed by Kenneth Loach, produced by Tony Garnett and with music by John Cameron, this classic film is now available on colour DVD. This acclaimed British drama focusses on Billy Casper (David Bradley), a tormented working class boy who was subjected to abuse both at school and at home. The son of a single mother (Lynne Perrie), his existence is mostly bleak until he takes up an interest in falconry and begins training a kestrel that he finds on a nearby farm. While Billy forms a close bond with the falcon, his hardscrabble life and harsh environment prove to be a challenge to the boy and his bird. Based on the 1968 novel (A Kestrel for a Knave), the film was released in March 1970 and is one of the most powerful coming-of-age stories ever told, containing passages of great beauty. We are taken back through the eyes of the 15 year old to Barnsley where his brother beats him and teachers ridicule and reject him, in particular sadistic Mr Sugden played by Brian Glover. 112 minute DVD, colour.
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