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From archaic Greece, to the late Roman empire, many a battle was waged between the titans of the ancient world as they conquered, explored and thrived. In this first full-length study ever, Paul Chrystal explores women's (rightful) place in the annals of history. The guide will take you from commanders and combatants, such as Artemisia, Olympia, Fulvia and Agrippina the Elder, to the empires' opposition including Tomyris, Cleopatra, Boudica and Zenobia. The study also explores the lives of non-combatant women who were victims of rape, displacement, and enslavement in warfare and also warriors and goddesses in mythology and literature. This book will guide you through four different sections: 'Greece', 'Women as Victims of War', 'Rome' and 'Warrior Women in the Arts and Entertainment' and it is within these sections you will encounter women as gladiators, women and war in Roman epic and in Greek tragedy and comedy, as well as great communities of women such as the Spartan women, the Macedonian female power-players, and the Amazons. Discover the many ways the Romans encountered women during war, whether they were part of the resistance against Rome in the siege of Corioli in 493 BCE, hurling tiles at mining Romans during their attack on Veii in 396 BCE, or at Fidenae, in 426 BCE, brandishing torches as their only weapon - a baptism of fire for the Romans - under the command of Mamercis Aemilius Mammercinus in his second dictatorship. Women warriors are catalogued with clear explanations of their personal stories, from Eryxo who tricked an enemy suitor to her home with the promise of marriage before having him killed, and Camma, a priestess of Artemis, who poisoned a man to avenge her husband, to Pieria whose guile and use of her suitor's love proved leverage to assert peace in Miletus. Cicero went to great pains to curb the practice of routine war rape by setting the boundaries of legitimate reason for conflict; Boudicca in a speech recorded by Tacitus, vocalised her anger and contempt after the treatment of her and her daughters at the hands of the Romans. Covers the rape of the Sabine women, the stalking and attempted abduction of Verginia by Appius Claudius, and the rape of Lucretia by monarchist Sextus Tarquinius. From Hydna of Scione (or Cyana), an accomplished swimmer and diver responsible for the almost single-handed destruction of the Persian fleet, and the poet Telesilla from Argos who was as famous for her words as her military prowess, to Nyssia of Lydia who punished her husband for the violations against her in allowing another man to see her naked, and Queen Tomyris of the Massagetae who slayed King Cyrus the Great after he dared to invade her country. Photos and beautiful pieces of artwork are also included to contextualise women's role, such as Peter Froste's 'The Temple of Claudius' in Camelodunum going up in flames at the hands of Boudicca. 6½" x 9¾", b/w images, 249pp.
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