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'The foremost man of all this world', Julius Caesar was a military titan of the ancient world. One of his greatest feats was the Gallic Wars waged through a series of campaigns while in the position of Roman proconsul against several Gallic tribes from 58 BC to 50 BC. The complete Roman victory not only resulted in the expansion of the great Roman Republic over the entirety of Gaul, but also allowed Julius Caesar to consolidate power and become the sole ruler of the Roman Republic itself. The brilliance of this account is that it is a collection of Caesar's own writings, originally entitled Commentarii de Bello Gallico with translation by Bob Carruthers and introductions by Carruthers and Thomas de Quincey. Discover the character of Caesar as De Quincey places the leader in the context of other great military expansionists, separating Caesar from 'The Attilas and the Tamerlanes' who rejoiced in their 'scourges of God'. All eight books of Caesar's Commentarii are included in this exposition of the conquest of Gaul and within them you hear the military leader himself paint a clear image of the world he explored (and conquered), from his commentary on the ransacking of the Sotiates where Crassus sought to besiege the principal town and raised vineae and turrets to the ground when the enemy attempted to resist, to his observations of the interior portion of Britain with its countless number of people, its numerous buildings that reminded him of the Gaul, the great number of cattle and the use of brass or iron rings of a certain weight as money. Encounter other bold figures including Vercingetorix, the son of Celtillus the Arvenian, who summoned his dependents and collected an excited body of troops before driving his opponents from the state, reclaiming it and then being saluted as king by his partisans, and read how Caesar managed a transalpine route, separation from his own army and numerous other garrisons to then face off with the bold Vercingetorix through numerous sieges and pursuits. Paperback, 6" x 9", 256pp.
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