MOON: From 4.5 Billion Years Ago To The Present

MOON: From 4.5 Billion Years Ago To The Present

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A Haynes Owners' Workshop Manual, here is an insight into the study and exploration of our nearest celestial neighbour. The Moon's birth came about by an astonishingly violent planetary collision early in Earth's history. In recent history, a succession of probes equipped with modern instruments have mapped the topography, composition and gravitational field of the Moon in unprecedented detail, with India, China and Japan joining this fascinating quest. To general amazement, significant quantities of water ice have been detected in the dark, freezing depths of craters at the poles. This lavishly illustrated Haynes manual chronicles the story of discovery by great scientists who have used the power of the telescope and mathematics to determine the nature of the lunar landscape and the laws of motion that define the Moon's orbit. As telescopes improved, observers produced even more exquisite hand-drawn maps, and later comprehensive photographic atlases of the near side of the Moon. The far side remained unknown until the dawning of the Space Age. A variety of increasingly sophisticated space probes mapped its surface and others landed to characterise its physical and chemical properties. The book looks forward to the establishment of a permanently occupied lunar base that will be part of our future in space. Over 300 images, some colour, dozens of cutaway scientific diagrams for example of the camera, modified for the Surveyor 5 mission by NASA. 172pp, 8¼" x 11".
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