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'La vita ...è gioco' - Life... is a game (Osho). This is the essence of Giuliano Plorutti's photographic collection depicting the itinerant people behind the circus, ranging from clowns, musicians and acrobats, to strong men, showgirls and ring masters. The compendium is a unique exploration of circus performers' Romantic lifestyle and Circus is the second book in Plorutti's trilogy of photographic collections dedicated to presenting those who identify themselves with a nomadic lifestyle in which they surround themselves with love and passion. Through black and white photographs that possess an outstanding technical quality and standard of printing, Plorutti has created shots that reveal life beyond the curtain including images of acrobatic twins practising their positions or clowns putting on their make-up to entertain the audience, 'Fellini-like' in its theatrical costume and setting. He educates the reader on the culture and history of the circus. Angelo Baj suggests that film-making 'owes a lot to circus performers', listing Buster Keaton, Charlie Chaplin and Harold Lloyd as prime examples of how circus informed cinema, and this assortment of photographs pays homage. From a gentleman and his palomino horse, a chorus girl in her motorhome, and circus members with their poodles and Persian cat, to the raising of the circus tent, a line of smiling ring masters in their jackets, and contortionists bending themselves on tightropes and blocks, each photo demonstrates the true love between performers and their art. A highlight is a photo of female performers wrapped up in warm coats with their headdresses still on. The compilation also includes powerful portraits of families, and one particularly striking image is of a toddler sitting in the seat of a ride attraction shaped like Donald Duck, absolutely at ease in a circus setting. A definitive photographic collection that will truly make you want to run away and join the circus. 12" x 9.8", black and white photographs, 130pp.
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