NAPOLEON: The Spirit of the Age

NAPOLEON: The Spirit of the Age

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The Oxford University historian focusses his masterly biography on the vitality, intelligence and phenomenal drive of this man. Between 1805 and 1810, Napoleon masterminded a host of stunning victories at Ulm, Austerlitz and Friedland in a whirlwind campaign that brought him to the borders of Russia. Meanwhile away from the battlefield his own family was torn asunder in the struggle for survival as he reluctantly ended his marriage to Josephine. Napoleon was suddenly at war with Britain, Russia and Austria. He mobilised all his power to confront them, unleashing his magnificent Grande Armée. Its first resounding victory at Austerlitz was followed by a whirlwind of campaigns. These stunning triumphs made Napoleon the master of the continent, but they left Britain unbowed. In the years that followed, this struggle with Britain came to dominate Napoleon's actions, leading him into the bloodbath of the Spanish Peninsular War, and his attempt to blockade Europe against British commerce. In 1809, Austria launched yet another assault on him. By 1810, Napoleon has routed him and divorced Josephine in order to marry the daughter of the Austrian Emperor. 'His accounts of Napoleonic battles are suffused with the characters and psychology of their chief protagonists.' Broers has a gift for analysing military campaigns in a lively prose style. 536pp, 21 illustrations, many colour images plus eight maps.
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