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The Bristol Stool Chart was a revolutionary medical guide, but author Thomas Bardell was never entirely satisfied with their attempt to pigeon-hole his poo into a mere seven types or so. Over the years and through a lot of experimentation with diet, he has developed his own chart. It was a big job! He begins with the forest dump, letting go just as nature intended. Steak night is dangerous and not just for the cow. It lurks deep inside you for weeks on end and gives way to a deep, dark and thoroughly unpleasant affair. Smells of Chianti and looks fierce. The opposite page has a Hannibal Lecter caricature drawing to make you giggle. Next comes the machine gun which quick fires its way out in bullet-sized bits and bobs. The marathon is the swine that goes on and on and never seems to end. The floater has you flushing and prodding away all night, the drop and block has you watching in horror as the water level rises and we laugh our way through the sweetcorn, the bomb, the ring of fire, pebbledash, the flying Scotsman, the hangover, the slow worm, flu, honey nut clusters, the screamer, the Cumberland sausage and not forgetting the utterly disgusting beetroot surprise with its violent blood-red colour. We end in great style with number one, the Eton mess, the poo that French invented bidets for. Which number two will you make your number one? 102pp, colour cartoons.
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