BATTLE ROYAL: The Wars of the Roses 1440-1462

BATTLE ROYAL: The Wars of the Roses 1440-1462

HUGH BICHENO    Book Number: 87003    Product format: Paperback

Cambridge educated Hugh Bicheno later joined MI6 and here is his fluently written history of the Wars of the Roses up until the aftermath of Towton. In 1422 a very young boy Henry VI inherited the English crown and three main characters emerge in this account - Richard, Duke of York, son of the traitor Richard Earl of Cambridge, executed in 1415; Richard Neville who managed to inherit the earldom of Warwick by marriage known as Warwick the Kingmaker; and then there is Margaret of Anjou, Henry's Queen. In 1454, the kingdom is sliding into chaos and the mentally unstable King Henry VI, having struggled for a decade to contain the violent feuding of his dukes, is losing his mind. Disgruntled nobles support the regal claims of Richard Duke of York, the great grandson of Edward III. The stage is set for civil war. The first volume of an enthralling two-part history, the period is marked by the rise and fall of Richard of York, the deposition of Henry VI following the Lancastrian defeat at Towton, and the subsequent seizure of his throne by Richard's son Edward. Charting a clear course through the dynastic complexities of 15th century power politics, here are lively battlefield descriptions of savage battles full of longbowmen and the equerry. "You can almost smell the blood and muck." Colour plates, maps and family trees and list of protagonists and marriages. 368pp in softback.
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