VANESSA: The Life of Vanessa Redgrave

VANESSA: The Life of Vanessa Redgrave

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The Redgrave family is often referred to as an acting dynasty, and Vanessa is the tallest, grandest tree in that particular forest. Exceptionally gifted as an actor, she is led by instinct which has led her to some highly questionable political activity while she continues to practice her art at the highest possible level of skill and daring. This is a woman who at the height of her early movie stardom in 1970 and 1971 decided to make two Italian 16mm features financed with her own money. Middle aged and then elderly, she would work constantly on stage, doing minor cameos, voice overs and unconventional narrations, mini-series filmed in Russia, and even films shot in Argentina, Germany and Sweden that barely got a release of any kind anywhere. Here is a woman with a lust for artistic activity. Here career on stage and screen remains vital and her extreme-left political stands are still quite controversial. This is the first ever biography of the formidable Vanessa Redgrave, enthralling and heart breaking and hugely detailed on the interpretation of plays by Chekhov "Too gentle, too elegiac, too nostalgic" and a preference for Ibsen "Because it was harder and more savage." All about her roles, the anatomy of human beings and their different states of mind, chapters include Rosalind and Tony, Ellida and Julia, TV and the Boston Symphony Case, Michael, the Classic and Peggy, Orpheus and Lynn, Chechnya and Lady Windermere and Natasha. 343pp with many rare photos including acting with her father Michael in 1960 and Vanessa as the daring modern dancer Isadora Duncan, semi-naked in Blow-Up, a rare photo as Viola in 1972, and as a transsexual tennis star in 1986. Remainder mark.
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