VAJOURNAL: Feminist Interactions and Interventions

VAJOURNAL: Feminist Interactions and Interventions

ISABELLA BUNNELL    Book Number: 86986    Product format: Paperback

'Set your rage free and be the most woman you can be' with this empowering journal that will make every woman appreciate and celebrate her own body, soul, and mind. Created by Isabella Bunnell, author and illustrator, this little book of joy allows you to engage with feminist discourse and celebrate being female while providing you with the notebook space to explore your own thoughts and feelings. It's a vagina owner's manual. On the blob with bold, colourful graphics and scary stats. Bunnell's distinctive watercolour artwork features her playful images of all female forms, types of contraception and cats, follicular phases and ovulation, the sexual spectrum and contemporary quotes and opinions to ponder. Count the number of times you apologise, discuss your sexuality, or draw the magazines you wish you could pick up in the newsagent and illustrate how you feel about your body, this is the perfect diary for every form of self-expression. She boldly and brilliantly explains (and illustrates!) women's genitalia through her 'vagina owner's manual', dedicating a page to charting a menstrual cycle and confronting the shame and stigma behind periods. Includes inspiring quotes from women such as Laura Bates, Katrine Marcell, Bette Davis, Jeanette Winterson and Simone de Beauvoir to inspire any reader needing a pick me up. 'Doodle, describe, draw.' Paperback, 5.5" x 7.8", colour illustrations, 112pp.
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ISBN 9781908714473
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