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The historian Sir Michael Howard said General Sir Ronald Adam (1885-1982) was "...an extraordinarily enlightened adjutant-general", whereas his military contemporary General Sir Bernard Paget said he was "...a serious menace both to morale and discipline". He certainly polarised opinion but, as Roger Broad points out, Britain's great battlefield generals like Montgomery and Slim would never have succeeded had it not been for his appointment to Adjutant-General in 1941. Adjutant-General is the second highest office in the British Army, responsible for providing and training the Army's man- and womanpower. At the time this job was particularly testing as it involved a conscript army commanded by non-career officers and to that end he revolutionised recruitment practices and introduced scientific selection procedures to find the officers, NCOs and technicians that a modern army needed. Officer selection was no longer by an interview with commanding officers, but through an extensive series of tests and psychiatric and psychological examinations to assess an applicant's suitability for command. In addition, Adam did not subscribe to the traditional view that there was an officer-producing class and that people of officer ability were to be found in all ranks of society; both these innovations met with considerable establishment resistance. He also realised that soldiers had to believe in the cause and their country and so engage in politics - it has long been contended that this led to the Labour landslide of 1945. So how did a career soldier of conventional background, when given the authority, come to tread on so many toes, kick so many shins and smash up some many revered items of the War Office's mental and organisational furniture? Broad reveals the full story of "a model, modern general". 238pp with 8 pages of b/w plates.
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